Bastille - laura palmer ep

He writes and arranges all of Bastille's songs, apart from remixes and covers, and worked with friend Mark Crew to produce Bad Blood and Wild World . [9] He plays the piano, keyboard, percussion, and melodica . His original, "Dan Smith Piano" was stolen in 2010. [10] Smith's parents are South African. [11]

 · Indie Rock band Bastille has been active in the industry since 2010. Hailing from London, England, the band has become an international...

Tatiana told me what the song was about; a man was left by a woman called Laura and he could not find a way to recover from it. Although he started seeing another woman he would always just think of Laura and was never able to love anyone the way he loved her.

All This Bad Blood (stylized as All This B?D BLOOD) is the reissue of Bastille’s debut album, Bad Blood. It was released on 25 November 2013 as a double album,... Read More

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Released on September 8, 2014, “Oblivion” is the final single from Bad Blood . The song is often speculated to be about a person attempting to understand a loved one's struggle with depression. The accompanying music video for the song, which featured actress Sophie Turner, was released on July 21 in The UK.

Bastille - Laura Palmer EPBastille - Laura Palmer EPBastille - Laura Palmer EPBastille - Laura Palmer EP