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After the war ended, Newley worked briefly in an insurance office until he saw an advertisement for the Italia Conti stage school, where - aged 14 - he was accepted as a pupil and tea boy. He had only been at the school for a few weeks when the film director Geoffrey de Barkus came to look for a boy to play the title role in THE ADVENTURES OF DUSTY BATES. Newley got the part at the age of 14. He also trained for the stage with the Dewsbury Repertory Co.

Merkin is constantly surrounded by a Satan -like procurer, Goodtime Eddie Filth ( Milton Berle ), and an angelic 'Presence' ( George Jessel ) who interrupts Merkin's biography with cryptic Borscht Belt -level jokes to denote births and deaths in Merkin's life. Newley periodically steps out of character to complain about his 'Merkin' role with an unseen director (voiced by Newley), two screenwriters, the film's producers and a trio of blasé movie critics who are turned off by the story's eroticism and lack of plot.

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Anthony Newley - Newley DeliveredAnthony Newley - Newley DeliveredAnthony Newley - Newley DeliveredAnthony Newley - Newley Delivered